• Clifford Geertz Commemorative Lecture

    Glifford Geertz Commemorative Lecture - "Settler Colonialism Observed: Palestine's Alter-natives"

  • Aesthetic Ecologies: Air and the Space of Art around 1900

    This talk explores air as the material space surrounding an artwork - its "Milieu," "Umgebung" and "Umwelt." It takes as its starting point evocations of air within and without an artwork, thus, evocations that cut across the separate realms of ref

  • UP TO THE MINUTE : Iran: Changing Perspectives

    This panel will offer the opportunity to discuss the recent unrest in Iran from a range of perspectives rooted in various socio-economic and political fields. In order to better understand the situation, scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds w

  • Douglass Day

    This February 14, 2018, we invite you to a 200th birthday party for Frederick Douglass. Campus and local community members are invited to enjoy some birthday cake and help transcribe the records of the Freedmen’s Bureau, a bureau established after th

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